About Us

 Semnan Soda Ash Co. (SSACO) had commenced the assembly of it production plant in October 2002 and reached to the nominal production capacity of 200,000 tons during the first months of 2006. Acknowledging the prominent and consistent designed administration system as well as the expertise and proficiency of the professional experts and engineers, this company has been turned into a major and pioneer supplier of the Soda Ash across the local market and the neighboring countries since the very first days. Semnan Soda Ash Co. (SSACO) has also been enjoying a boundless and prevailing distribution network within the Iranian local market and foreign countries in a way that the company is now standing in a place where it can distribute its products to more than 140 local companies along with over hundred companies across 15 Asian, African, and European countries Due to the ever-increasing demand received from foreign countries, the company is planning to increase its production capacity respectively and it will do so.