Semnan Soda Ash Co.

SSACO was established with the cooperation of major Iranian investors such as Omid, Sepah and Ghadir Investment companies that are affiliated to Sepah and Saderat Banks. The project's executive works started in the year 2002 and it reached operational stage in the year of 2006.

Financial supports offered by those investor are considerd as reliable source for consistent and continous optimization and realization of development plans.

● The yearly capacity of SSACO's factory is 200,000 metric tonnes consisting of both Heavy and Light Sodium Carbonates, the production rate of each may vary flexibly according to the market demand.
● The raw materials used in this manufacturing factory are Lime, Salt and Energy
● Needless to say that this region enjoys abundant high capacity lime and saltmines belonging to SSACO
● This company is staffed with experienced experts in the fields of manufacturing, as well as quality control in different stages of raw materials, operation proccess and final products.
● It also has planning and programming department and a Research and Development "R&D" Department aimed at assuring better quality and consistent updating of the technology.
● Sodium Carbonate plant is fully automated and equipped with DCS Control System programmed with the latest software to control and guarantee product's quality.
● This company enjoys an efficient commercial unit located in its head office in Tehran whose main objective is satisfaction of the customers and at which the company's domestic and foreign sales programs are planned and implemented.
● The factory is located in Semnan province while its main customers are in Tehran or neighboring cities, therefore it enjoys the advantage of nearness to the consumption market.

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