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Managing Director’s Message
I do really appreciate my God for his mercy which paved our enlightened path toward the highest levels of Excellency via bestowing his strength and knowledge to our family in Semnan Soda Ash Co. This progressive effort is the result of adherence to our commitments against excellent transcendental values in reply to our social responsibilities. Our qualified and reliable experts are considered to be the most valuable and vital capital of the company which bring about satisfaction for our clients. These values are the keys that make us more determined, persistent, confident and formidable toward our international visions. Ceaseless endeavor in this arena has taught us to be ever innovative and be prepared for anything and turn threats to opportunities with a synergistic and dynamic teamwork toward deeper understanding from customers’ needs and ultimately providing the best feasible and economic solution.
Morteza Eslami
مدیرعامل مرتضی اسلامی
About Semnan Soda Ash
درباره کربنات سدیم

Toward satisfying the local considerable need for Soda Ash along with securement of its market demand mainstream, Semnan Soda Ash Co. (SSACO) had commenced the assembly of it production plant in 2002 and reached to the nominal production capacity of 200,000 tons during the first months of 2006. Semnan Soda Ash Co. (SSACO) plant is located in Sorkhe, Semnan. Acknowledging the prominent and consistent designed administration system as well as the expertise and proficiency of the professional experts and engineers, this company has been turned into a major and pioneer supplier of the Soda Ash across the local market and the neighboring countries since the very first days. Semnan Soda Ash Co. (SSACO) has also been enjoying a boundless and prevailing distribution network within the Iranian local market and foreign countries in a way that the company is now standing in a place where it can distribute its products to more than 140 local companies along with over hundred companies across 15 Asian, African, and European countries.

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Quality 100%
Customer Priority 100%
Safe Transportation 100%
Targets 100%
New Technology 100%

کیفیت و استانداردهای تولید کربنات سدیم سبک و سنگین (بخصوص آهن موجود در محصول نهایی) بر حسب نیاز مشتری قابل تغییر می باشد.

پاسخ به نیاز مشتری همواره سرلوحه اهداف شرکت بوده و تعهد به نیاز مشتری خط قرمز شرکت می باشد

شرکت کربنات سدیم سمنان با در اختیار داشتن تعداد بیشمار کامیون و تریلی بدون محدودیتهای شرکت های حمل بار، آماده ارسال تولید خود به تمامی نقاط ایران می باشد.

یکی از اهداف شرکت کربنات سدیم سمنان توسعه تولید و افزایش کیفیت محصول و دوستی با محیط زیست با ایجاد سیستمهای تصفیه فاضلاب خروجی و آلاینده های دیگر می باشد.

شرکت کربنات سدیم سمنان با استفاده از تکنولوژی روز دنیا امکان حداکثر تولید پایدار را با حداکثر خلوص مورد نظر مشتری ارائه می دهد.