What is Soda Ash?

Soda Ash, also known as Sodium Bicarbonate with chemical formula of NA2CO3, is a multipurpose chemical that has several applications in different industries. This product is generally produced through a Solvay process. Considering the specifications, this product has two different grades of;
1) Light Soda Ash
2) Dense Soda Ash.

پودر کربنات سدیم

Soda Ash is mainly applied in glass production procedure. It helps to decrease the melting point of the paste which is used in formation of the glass, as well as the pastiness and luminosity of the glass sheets. This multipurpose chemical is also applied in the production procedure of soaps and detergents as a lubricating agent.
This useful alkali chemical is also applied widely in production and/or fabrication of other chemical products such as mineral-work procedures, mine excavation procedure, paper paste production, Sodium compounds, water treatment, metal (Iron, Steel, Aluminum, etc.) recycling, textile industries, detergent industry, Metallurgic and Petroleum product recycling.

Certificate of Analysis Soda Ash